Dry Fleece Men Hooded Jacket


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First employed in waterproof ropes, the hydrophobic polyethylene terephthalate fiber (PET) utilized in “fleece” is soft-napped and insulating. Fleece is very breathable, lightweight, machine washable, and quickly dries because of its hydrophobic fibers, which reject water and keep its insulating capabilities even when wet. Additionally, fleece does not itch, is extremely warm, and can be made in practically any color or pattern conceivable.
The purpose of a fleece jacket is to serve as a mid-layer for outdoor activities that are both lightweight and breathable.
After a long, hot summer, the rains finally stop, and the big winter arrives. The chilly weather, hot coffee, and holiday celebrations arrive with it. During the winter, the dresses and raincoats of the summer go into hibernation. To make your winter debut, you’ll need the best clothing possible as life returns to normal as people warily make their way to foggy winter streets.
Many new coats and hoodies have made their way into the modern men’s and women’s wardrobes, moving away from traditional winter gear. Fleece has replaced wool and fur as the next fashion trend. In popular culture, the term “fleece” connotes the utmost in cool, cozy clothing during the winter months. Athletes, mountaineers, and sheep are all fans of this innovative fabric, which promises to deliver a new degree of warmth and comfort to your everyday life.

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Do not wash, bleach, tumble dry or iron. Soft dry clean only.
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