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Fashion Forward – Upcoming Men’s Fashion Trends

It is quite hard to keep a constant track of the fashion world. Men’s fashion trends tend to come and go every year. While a few manage to stick for a few years, others turn into fads really quickly. But, compared to women’s fashion, men’s fashion is considerably more detail-oriented and calm.

As the year comes to an end, it is about time we begin looking at future trends. After all, before we know it, the future will creep onto us! And we must ensure that we are fashion-ready for 2022.

Here are the latest fashion trends for men you should prepare for.

1- Bomber Jackets

Brown bomber jacket

Bomber jackets were a popular 2021 fashion trends men casualwear witnessed. Well, they are here to stay even post 2021. As long as winter persists, the love for bomber is likely to continue.

You will find a lot of designers who have seized onto this trend this season. Whether it be Sacai’s bomber jacket with unstructured cuts or Boss’s pine green fabric, every designer has had their own interpretations of what the jacket could be styled as.

Considering the keen interest in the design, it is safe to say that the trend will continue post-New year as well. Considering how comfortable and soft bomber jackets are when protecting against chilly days and how classy they tend to look for casual hangouts, we are sure no one would object to them being in the future men fashion trends.

2- Primary colors

Black leather jacket

It is time to throw (metaphorically) all dull colors out of the window! Within the men’s world, primary colors will rule the fashion scene. This includes bright yellow, bright blue, and bright red. You can mix black and white with it too.

Past this dreary winter, there will be a rise of the yellow and gray combination. To ensure that you can pull off the shade in various settings, we suggest you go darker. Opt for yellow with a golden hue or a deeper shade and combine them with navy or gray to incorporate them into your everyday wear.
Additionally, in 2021, one trend that emerged in men’s fashion was the love for olive green for wedding occasions. This trend is likely to expand from wedding occasions and to casual wear moving forward.

However, note that neutral tones of olive green are likely to be in fashion compared to the bright greens of the past. If you have a lot of tans and grays in your wardrobe, you will have no problem adding this shade to your current wardrobe.

3- The Denim

Denim jacket

Does this material ever go out of fashion? Denim is surely historical in nature. Yet, they are immune to getting somewhat canceled by the fashion world every now and then. Certain styles have now gone obsolete.

For starters, gone are the days for skin-tight fit jeans. Now, we are back in the early 2000s. You will now find men sporting baggy distressed denim as well as high-rise waistlines.
When it comes to denim, here are some of the fashion trends for men to look forward to:

  • Grey and black jeans are likely to be replaced with classic blue denim.
  • Rather than waiting for denim to fade, the demand for pre-faded jeans is on the rise.
  • White denim will be worn all year round, likely to look classy when paired with the right footwear, shirt, and belt.
  • The structure will get more rugged than before! It is time to embrace the distressed look.So, while you might have denim of the past, you still will have to update your wardrobe to keep up with such changing times.

4- Lots of leather!

Leather jacket for men

Who would have thought that men’s fashion trends would include leather even in the 21st century! This fashion has been going strong since the early 20th century. And while certain trends tend to vary depending on where you live, leather is one type of clothing that unites all fashion lovers.

And while we were previously mostly limited to leather jackets, which in all fairness is a vast world of its own, now the love for leather is moving beyond outerwear.

Now, leather pants, blazer suits, leather button-up shirts, vests, and leather headwear are all worth investing in! While we would suggest that you don’t opt to wear each of these clothing items in one go, all of these leather styles are worth having.

You can bring out your blazer suit for formal occasions while you can leave your leather vest and leather pants for a fun night out.

5- Neoprints


The 1970s are back! We are moving past the subdued basic look that men have sported for the last few decades. Now, we are going back to bold prints and flared trousers.

Don’t let the women have all the fun, whether it be jungle pattern, safari suit, or a tie & dye. Thanks to Louis Vuitton and Hedi Slimane, we saw prints coming back to the mainstream. And owing to icons like Harry Styles, we are sure that this trend is here to stay, at least for a few years.

Mix and match vibrant colors and printed clothing. Opt for open-neck shirts, loose pants, or printed trousers. If you are feeling confident and brave enough, you can even include patchwork and knitted fabric. Yes, you will be turning a lot of heads, but for the right reasons!

6- Oversized Trench Coats

Trench coat

There are a variety of leather jacket styles to choose from but trench coats have their own class and appeal.

There might be nothing new in trench coats. But, the recent trend suggests that trench coats will be undergoing a revamp of their own.

You might have noticed that such coats are already looking much more voluminous than before. This is likely to magnify in the future, owing to the rise of plus-size clothing.

Oversized trench coats are ideal for wearing with a wide variety of outfits, whether jeans and T-shirts or dress pants and button-up shirts. Since most trench coats are made from warm and thick material, they are best used during winters and fall. So, they will be the ideal outerwear for the upcoming winters.

The key to finding the right trench coat is always to maximize its use. The ideal shade for outerwear is caramel, beige, or stone. This is because such shades tend to go well with various colors and outfits. You can pair it up with neutral-colored shoes, ranging from sneakers to leather boots.

Ending Remarks

2021 is an excellent year to observe what the future of fashion looks like. As the world reembraces the old normal, we see brands and designers coming up with many bold designs.

At the same time, people are now used to comfort. And the result of the two is that we are moving forward with vibrant yet comfy clothing.

This holds equally true for men’s and women’s fashion. Just how long this love for boldness and vibrancy last is something that only time can tell. But, for now, it is time to prepare for the future. So, do your research and see which of these trends you wish to incorporate.

Are there any specific trends from this list that you are looking forward to? Let us all know by commenting below!

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