Semi formal outfits for women

How To Style Men & Women Semi-Formal Outfits: Jackets, Shirts, Shoes & More

Are you planning to head out but don’t want to dress up too casually or too formally? We have got something for you that falls between these two categories: no need to worry. Semi-formal outfits are an attire that are a little dressier than what you would wear to the office, but they are a little less than what you would wear to a formal event.

Do you have an important family event coming up, or do you plan on attending a wedding soon? If yes, then semi formal outfits will be the most suitable pick for you. When you wear a semi formal outfit, you won’t have to worry about appearing too overdressed or underdressed as such an outfit will create a perfect balance for you.

When you follow a semi formal dress code, you will be able to appear more relaxed when compared to a formal dressing. Furthermore, you will also be able to put on something good and look like someone who has a good dressing sense.

Styling semi formal outfits

Would you be interested in different semi formal styling tips for the upcoming season? Are you looking forward to changing your wardrobe and updating it according to the latest styles and fashion trends? If yes, then let us get right into different styling tips that you will surely love.

1- Creating a look with the black denim jacket

Black denim jacket for men

Who isn’t a fan of the black colour, right? The best about wearing the colour black is that it won’t disappoint you no matter when and how you wear it. If you’re looking for a no-fuss yet smart semi-formal outfit, then you should style this plain black denim jacket over a button-down shirt and chinos.

As chinos are a middle ground between formal and casual wear, you will easily be able to transition between your looks without doing much. If you are someone who is heading out to a party during the day, then this black denim jacket will help you add an extra layer for warmth.

This way you won’t have to wear something very heavy like wool, as carrying a wool sweater with you can be a real task at times. As this denim jacket also comes with different pockets, you will be able to carry some essentials with you while keeping your hands free. To elevate the look of the denim jacket, don’t forget to wear a stylish watch with it.

2- Wearing a Grey two-button leather blazer to a wedding

Grey Leather Blazer

Attending a wedding and dressing up for it can become slightly challenging when you have nothing to wear and don’t know how to style yourself. Are you in search of easy to style semi formal men’s outfits and want to wear something new other than the usual blacks and blues?

If you are attending a day time wedding, then you should wear a pretty colour which helps you stand out and doesn’t make you appear boring or dull.

Famous among semi formal outfits, leather blazers help spice up your look for all occasions and events.

You can style this Grey two button leather blazer with a plain white button-down inner shirt and matching grey pants. Moreover, to complete the look, you can match the semi formal outfits with pants and black shoes as they will help you stand out and look cool.

Styling Tip: As the blazer is fully lined with a soft inner material, you won’t feel cold when wearing it. You can use either button up the blazer or leave it open for a stylish look.

3- Styling leather jogger pants to a housewarming party

Brown jogger pants

It is completely normal for females to run out of ideas or clothing options when dressing up for something important. Are you on the lookout for semi formal outfits for women and are in need of some great advice?

While dresses and sweatpants are great, we present you with genuine and high-quality leather jogger pants as they never go out of fashion. These jogger pants in brown made from faux leather can be a great accessory for styling with a snug sweater. If you are heading over to that housewarming party of a close friend then, style these jogger pants with a maroon sweater top and pencil heel. If you want to stay comfy throughout the event and aren’t a fan of high heels, wear these jogger pants with sneakers.

Styling Tip: As the winters are just around the corner, don’t you think it will be wise to layer up just in case the cold winds suddenly start blowing? For that very reason, you can pull on these women biker leather jackets in your favorite shade.

4- Pulling on a long trench coat to an office lunch

Burgundy long leather trench coat

Do you want to pull off that celebrity look to an office lunch and can’t wait to bring out your inner diva? As a cool option for semi formal outfits for ladies, this burgundy long leather trench coat will surely leave you mesmerized.

When you style this trench coat for your workplace, it won’t come off as very professional, which means that you won’t look out of place when you wear it.

As coats and pants are formal attire, wearing a long trench coat will allow you to wear casual jeans and a top inside.

Furthermore, as this trench coat comes with a belt, you will also be able to tie it up according to your ease. When wearing this trench coat, you can pull up your hair in a long ponytail or even make a messy bun.

5- Button-down shirt and blue jeans to a meetup with friends

Men's tiger denim jacket

When it comes to women styling their clothes or updating their closet, most of them forget that they have multiple options to choose from. If you are heading out to a meetup with friends, style a navy-blue button-down shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

As very few people opt for this combination, you will love how it looks on you during the bright daylight. As a great pick for semi formal outfits, this shirt and jeans will help elevate your look. If you want to appear different, then think of investing in an embroidered denim jacket as it will look incredible with the navy shirt and jeans.

Moreover, put on a pair of oversized sunglasses and a pair of joggers or sneakers, because you won’t wear slippers under a button-down shirt, right?

6- Neon green shoes and spiked leather jacket for a morning coffee

Women's green studded leather jacket

Are you a morning person or love heading out for a quick coffee break for meetings at a coffee shop? Who says that you can’t style bright colours during the mornings? When you wear colours like neon green, you will be able to appear fresh and energetic and will be able to wash away all the dullness.

This green spiked Brando jacket with silver studs will make you feel elegant and stylish during the early winter mornings. Moreover, you will easily be able to style this beautiful green jacket with a pair of black pants and neon green joggers.

When you wear such a comfortable outfit in the mornings, you won’t have to worry about walking to the coffee.

Styling Tip: To make sure that your jacket looks cool, wear a plain white shirt inside the jacket and zip up the jacket halfway.

7- Maroon sandal heels and a dress for a night out

Women's blue leather jacket

If you are a heels lover, then you must be aware about how sandal heels help you appear to look taller, accentuate your legs, and go well with the dress you wear. If you are heading out for a night out with friends, then maroon sandal heels and dresses will be the perfect combination.

If you will be wearing the dress and the heels during the winters, then you might need an extra layer on your clothing to keep warm and comfy. For that very reason, you should add this Barbara Palvin Blue Modern Women’s Leather Jacket on top of your outfit. This light-shaded jacket will not only go along with all your dresses, but it will be a snug fit for your clothing.

When you throw this jacket on top of your dress, it will show your uniqueness and elegance and ensure that the jacket matches your taste and style.

Styling Tip: If you don’t want to wear the jacket, then you can also drape it over your shoulders, so your back remains warm and comfy.

Parting Note

When styling your semi formal outfits, make sure that your outfits are similar to the current fashion trends and suitable for the weather. When it comes to styling outfits, it doesn’t mean that you have to invest in everything new because you can always style your old outfits with a touch of new outerwear.

For example, if you have a party dress at home and going for a night out with friends then, you can wear the same dress and pair it up with a new long trench coat. Don’t forget to experiment with your choices and try out different dresses before you finalize your pick. When opting for a semi formal outfit, don’t try to go overboard and just stick to basics because minimalistic fashion is trendy these days.

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