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10 Most Demanded Leather Jacket Styles Every Man Desires to Own

Famous as pre-fall and winter outerwear, leather jackets can be a very useful accessory for layering up during the cold winter months no matter where you live. Made from the tanned hide of various animals, leather jackets are widely available in a wide range of colors and designs.

As far as we can remember, leather jackets have always been a staple in every man’s wardrobe, and no man can ever get enough of leather jackets.

Are you in search of different and unique leather jacket styles and can’t wait to stock your wardrobe with them? Do you want to dress up in a 70’s style leather jacket, or do you feel like updating your look similar to a movie star? Either way, we are here today to share all the hot and trending leather jacket style for men with you.

This Year’s Trending Leather Jacket Styles:

Have you never gotten the opportunity to dress up in leather before? Are you feeling confused about which jacket style or color will suit your built and complexion? To get the answers to all your queries, don’t forget to read this blog till the very end.

1. Drake Burgundy Bomber Leather Jacket

Burgundy Bomber Leather Jacket

If you’re a fan of all-time Canadian rapper Drake, it is impossible to miss out on his look for the Film Festival. The leather jacket he wore at the event made many heads turn, and a lot of people fell in love with the color, design, and texture of his leather jacket.

This burgundy bomber jacket is inspired by Drake, which automatically makes it a hit among men of all ages. The burgundy colour with the shine looks elegant and exquisite, which means this jacket can be perfectly styled for any formal event or a close friend’s party.

Moreover, this burgundy leather jacket features a standup collar, two large-sized pockets on the front, and a strong and sturdy metallic zipper, making it the ideal choice for many. With full sleeves and ribbed cuffs, this leather jacket undoubtedly deserves to be the first on our list.

2. Columbus Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Did you know that bomber jackets were initially designed for the crew of planes, and that is exactly where they get their name from? This type of bomber jacket is usually waist-length, come with a comfortable inner lining, and also help in protecting you from strong and gusty winds.

This Columbus brown leather bomber jacket should definitely top your list if you are looking to style a leather jacket this season. One of the most popular leather jacket styles, this brown leather bomber jacket comes with a high-neck buttoned collar style along with open hem cuffs and two pockets on the outside.

If you want to store something extra, then the jacket also has two inner pockets and a quilted viscose lining, ensuring that the leather jacket is comfortable to wear.

3. Alberto White Shearling Black Leather Jacket

White Shearling Black leather jacket

Do you already own a leather denim style jacket and are looking forward to buying a leather jacket that is different from that?

This Alberto White Shearling Black Leather Jacket is made from real and 100% genuine leather, making it a favourite for people this winter season. This leather jacket is made from cow hide with an inner viscose lining, a durable metallic zipper, and zips on the cuff.

To ensure enough space for men who want to carry some accessories, the leather jacket includes two pockets on the inside and three pockets on the outside with zippers for increased safety. The white fur on the wide collar is a real game-changer as it will protect you from the cold winter winds.

4. Ionic Tan Brown Leather Jacket

Tan Brown Leather Jacket

Shades of brown are usually considered too dull by most men, and many people think that brown color should only be reserved for boring adults.

If you’re a fan of brown color but never got a chance to get a brown leather jacket, we are confident that this pretty brown shade will definitely be your number 1 pick this season. This Ionic Tan Brown Leather Jacket is our best-seller due to the amazing quality and fit it provides.

Made from sheepskin leather, this jacket is going to be quite a durable choice. This jacket will also help you look elegant and sophisticated at your next big event. With a metallic zipper on the front, you can choose whether to pull the zipper up or leave it open. Get this jacket now and level up your fashion game this season!

5. Men’s Leather Jacket Western Brown Denim Style Jacket

Brown Denim style Jacket

Also known as jean jackets, denim leather jacket styles have been around for a while, as far as we can remember. A popular type of casual apparel among men, denim leather jackets is great for fashionable streetwear. They can be easily paired up with all types of outfits, whether you are wearing a tee or a sweatshirt.

This denim-style brown leather jacket is unique and classy as it stands out from other outerwear. The jacket has a wide collar and old-fashioned buttons on the front and pockets. This season go all out by wearing this stylish belted denim style brown leather jacket.

6. Varsity Genuine Leather Sleeve Letterman College Men Wool Jacket

Varsity Wool Jacket for women

Reminiscing about your high school days? Well, varsity jackets are now back in style for all!

Varsity jackets are blouson-style jackets that are usually in the colours of a school, college, or sports team. They are generally worn as a tradition to represent the academic institution that you belong to.

This varsity black wool jacket with leather sleeves is the perfect combination if you’re looking for outerwear made from two different materials. This leather sleeve wool jacket is lightweight with a solid pattern to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.

Also, the metallic front buttons and the cuffed sleeves of the jacket will ensure that you are entirely wrapped up inside the jacket, and the wind doesn’t get to you easily.

7. Floyd Leather Biker Jacket

Floyd leather biker jacket

Do you know most people have the misconception that biker jackets are only worn by motorcyclists? While biker jackets were initially made for bikers, they have become a great fashion style nowadays for everyone alike.

Biker leather jackets are short and fit with lots of pockets, zips, and studs, making them safe for motorcyclists. If you are looking to flaunt biker jackets this season, this Floyd Leather Biker Jacket is an all-time classic leather jacket that you can wear every day when going out.

Black in color, this leather jacket will go along well with most of your outfits, and you’ll be able to style yourself smartly. This jacket also has a zip on the front with long sleeves and a classic high-neck collar for increased protection.

8. Survey Leather Blazer

Survey Leather blazer

Unlike leather jackets, leather blazers are slightly fitted and longer than your innerwear. Are you planning to invest in a leather blazer and would like a color that matches your style and taste?

This Survey Leather Blazer will instantly spice up your look and make you look fantastic no matter the occasion. With long sleeves, front buttons, leather elbow patches, and a double-layered collar, the leather blazer is what your winter wardrobe needs this year.

Styling Tip: You can style this black leather blazer with a pair of blue jeans and a plain white tee to keep things comfy and elegant at the same time.

9. Vermont Black Leather Café Racer Motorcycle Jacket

Black cafe racer motorcycle jacket

Leather café racer jackets are lightweight explicitly designed for bikers or motorcyclists. These jackets are highly comfortable, made from genuine material with a warm interior lining providing superior comfort to the riders.

This black leather café racer motorcycle jacket is the best option you can get for everyday wear. It is designed to offer you the best fitting. Its side pockets are added to help you keep your hands warm and place your valuables safely. With two pockets on the exterior and two pockets on the interior, you won’t have to worry about your things getting misplaced.

10. Weybridge 2.0 Leather Jacket

Weybridge Leather jacket

Are you tired of wearing blacks and looking to go all out this season? Your wish is our command, as here we are with this gorgeous Weybridge 2.0 leather jacket.

This Weybridge leather jacket has detailings to die for. You can never go wrong with this jacket with its pockets, sleeves, buttons, and neck closure.

It has signature quilted shoulder paneling, two zip pockets on the chest and sides, and a front zipper to keep you warm and relaxed when zipped up.

Closing Note

Can you not wait to get your hands on some of these jackets before the winter season rolls in? Are you satisfied and happy with the multiple leather jacket styles that we have shared above? Will you be willing to invest in any of these styles, and which ones, if yes? We are waiting for your answers desperately. Let us know your reviews in the comment section below.

Whatever leather jacket you might invest in, don’t forget to share those pictures with us as we love it when our readers are happy with our tips and advice.

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