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Mastering the Smart Casual Dress Code- A Comprehensive Guide

Covid times have not only affected the economy and lives of people but have significantly impacted fashion trends all around the world. Literally living from home and doing every activity sitting on your couch, formal dressing has gone far behind, and smart casual dress code has become quite trending. When black and white are not the suitable options to choose from, then grey is the perfect answer!

Smart casual is the grey of fashion dress codes where it is subtly elegant to be called smart and easy going and comfortable to be called casual. It should neither be too casual nor too smart, but somewhere in between. The best way to attain this look is to pair dress pieces of different formality levels.

What is smart casual dress code?

Smart casual dress code is the new fashion trend for professional meetings and work attire. You always do not have to look impeccably professional at a meeting; the smart casual dress code is a more toned-down and easy way to go. This dress code makes sure that you look classy and elegant without missing the element of comfort and easygoing. A perfect amalgamation of elegance, sophistication, and comfort is what you would describe as a smart casual dress code.

The right blend of formal and casual dress pieces will give you the perfect smart casual look. There is no perfect smart casual look as it all depends on the context. In a smart causal look also, you can be too dressy for an occasion or less dressed-up, depending on your choice of smart casual dressing. So it is always better to lean towards the smarter side as it can be toned down to a more casual look easily.

How to dress up for a smart casual look?

A smart casual look can be effortless to pull off, but at the same time, it can be pretty tricky to get the right balance between formal and informal. The outerwear that you take with the dress makes a major differentiating point between different levels of formality. Different outerwear choices can make the same dress look formal, casual, or something in between.

Confused about where to start? Here is a perfect and easy guide to mastering the smart casual dress code:

1- Nikit Jacket:

Women's nikit jacket

This casual jacket can easily be worn as smart casual wear by pairing it right. The box pleat details at the back, neutral color, and minimalist clothing style make it perfect outerwear if you are looking for comfort without losing on style and elegance. Women’s smart casual dress code usually calls for a perfect fitting dress that enhances the personality without making you look like a mess.

Pair it up with the same color fitted bottoms, a decent colored blouse, or turtle neck, and as for the shoes, go for pumps or wedges with a small heel, or even boots would do great for a smart casual look. Enhance the look by adding some accessories like a delicate gold chain around your neck or a small stylish bag.

2- Tan Leather Trench Coat:

Tan belted leather coat

Women’s smart casual dress code can vary from a decent cut pant and shirt to an elegant dress depending on the occasion it needs to be worn. This trench coat is a great smart casual piece that will provide you with all the comfort without compromising on sophistication. This trench coat’s tapered style, decent color, and clean look are the epitome of classiness, while the soft leather finish makes it highly comfortable.

You can pair it with a stylish dress and heels; this would be perfect for a gathering or meet-up. You can pair it with a collared shirt, formal pants, and boots or heels for an office look.

3- Peaked Label Faux Leather Blazer:

Peaked label faux leather blazer for women

Want to look like a perfect ‘boss lady’? Then this peak-lapel blazer is what you are looking for! It will add the perfect finesses, style, and sophistication to your outfit and polish your look. It will give you the perfect edge to look dominant and robust, while the excellent quality leather will keep you comfortable and easy-going.

If you want to pair it for a smart casual look, you can never go wrong with a simple, plain tee and straight-cut denim. To polish your smart look, pair with nice formal shoes to add an extra oomph to your appearance.

4- Dean Winchester Supernatural Length Leather Coat:

Dean long leather coat

Long coats have always been a favorite for men who want to dress up smart and sophisticatedly. The elegance you get from a long leather coat is unquestionable. Pair it right, and you are sure to ace the smart casual look! This long leather coat is what you will need to create the best smart casual look for your after-work gathering, a social event, or even to your workplace.

Pair it with simple and straight bottoms for a more ‘casual’ smart casual look, or if you want to go for a smarter smart casual look, you can pair it with a button-down shirt. In both cases, an Oxford or derby would be the perfect choice for shoes.

5- Mate Black Leather Vest:

Mate black men's leather vest

Leather vests are usually seen as something very casual, but this leather vest crafted from genuine lambskin leather is a class apart. You can wear it alone as the main outerwear or pair it up with a coat for a more formal look.

If you are looking forward to wearing this vest as the main outerwear in a smart casual dress, pair it with a solid neutral-colored button-down shirt (preferably white) and formal bottoms. Some lovely accessories like a watch and glasses will add extra oomph to your personality. A nice pair of formal shoes will go with the smart casual look.

6- Cotton Utility Jacket:

Cotton utlity jacket

This relaxed cotton jacket is all you need to tone down your formal look. If you are looking for a two-in-one look, then pair it with a formal shirt and pants.

You can get a more casual look with the jacket on, while removing it can bring back your formal look.

This jacket can be worn button downed or opened up; both ways, you can achieve the perfect smart casual look. The sleek design, with simple and discreet details, is what makes it look classy and elegant. You can add on to accessories for enhancing your look. A matching leather belt with glasses can further perfect the look.


Mastering the smart casual dress code requires experience and a little fashion sense. Just try to blend in both the elements equally, and you are sure to get the perfect look. A smart casual look brings together classiness, sophistication, and comfort. There are many events, and occasions, where you do not need to dress up too formally or too casually; for such events, following the smart casual dress code, is the only solution. The smart casual dress code emphasizes that casual does not mean to look sloven and unkempt; instead, you can embody all the grace and sophistication from a formal look and blend it with the casual look to get a comfortable and elegant look. Smart casual dress code is all about bringing comfort with poise.

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