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A magnificent grey sheepskin trench coat with detachable collar.
For those days when maximum warmth and protection is needed, this coat provides it in spades. Basics first, the coat is sheepskin which means that the woollen fleece side of the skin forms the interior of the coat, while the underside is tanned to become the tough, weather resistant exterior. The result is a garment that is incredibly comfortable and warm in a wide variety of conditions.
Meeth is knee length with a chunky zip leading up to a high shirt style collar. For extra protection from the elements there is a higher zip on collar that sits outside the main one and can be folded up and cinched around the neck with two buckled straps.
The two buttoned flap pockets on the hip make sure there is plenty of exterior storage space while a further two zipped pockets on the inside of the coat mean you have somewhere to secure your wallet.
At the waist is a leather buckled belt which can be removed if not needed. There are also a pair of buckled straps on each forearm which too, can be taken off.

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