Minimalist Clothing Style Ideas

6 Minimalist Clothing Style Ideas Your Budget Will Love

The world is moving towards minimalist clothing. Gone are the days where people preferred hoarding a closet full of the latest fashion trends. As the impact of fast fashion on the environment becomes evident, millennials and Gen Z consciously invest in sustainable fashion along with limited wardrobes.

For starters, according to World Economic Forum, the fashion industry contributes 10 percent to carbon emissions. And 85 percent of textile ends up in landfills!

What exactly is a minimalist clothing style, you may wonder? Minimalism revolves around decluttering your closet to only include the most basic articles of clothing. The trick here is to opt for styles that go well with various types of clothes, thereby reducing the need for a new outfit for every occasion.

Since such a fashion can be quite expensive, since the industry tends to use nature-friendly materials and processes, many tend to stay away from the lifestyle owing to budget issues.

The good news is that you can opt for minimalistic clothing that will fit well in your budget. Here are six ideas you can utilize.

1- Go monochrome

Tan brown leather jacket

If you look at the type of minimalist clothing women and men wear, you might have noticed that one common trend is wearing solid-colored outfits—a monochrome base color for all articles of clothing help in creating a simple yet impactful look.

And in such outfits, if you do add other colored accent pieces like shoes or jackets, they tend to become the style statement. Hence, you can allow a given accessory or outerwear to shine through. This is something that is quite hard to achieve in everyday fashion with various colors or overwhelming prints.

For instance, this iconic tan brown leather biker jacket by Alamode will make your outfit look even more remarkable and classy.

How do you go about picking your outfit colors? Simple! Choose safe options that can be worn all year round. This includes black, white, beige, and gray.

Also, you can identify the colors in your wardrobe that you find yourself reaching out to the most. This might vary from person to person. While some may prefer burgundy, others might swear by yellow! Doing so will surely allow you to use your monochrome collection for complementary outfits as well.

2- Tucked-in plain t-shirts

Olive green leather jacket

You can never really go wrong with having a plain t-shirt in your wardrobe. This is true for both minimalist clothing styles as well as mainstream fashion.

For a minimalist summer look, all you need is a plain white t-shirt and some wide-legged pants. We would suggest you invest in a pair of black pants since they tend to go with a lot of other colors. The good thing about such an outfit is that the separate clothing items are just as versatile as the look.

After all, unless you are going for a formal engagement, this simple outfit is likely to get you through various casual and semi-formal occasions.

Additionally, a plain t-shirt can be paired with virtually anything as well. You can tuck it in and wear it with various types of jeans. You can style it with a bomber jacket or wear it as an undershirt with a dress. You can complete your look by layering up this Olive Green Bomber Jacket over your plain t-shirt.

Black t-shirts are also something that is popular among the minimalist clothing men tend to wear because of the universal appeal of this shirt.

3- Two-toned jumpsuit

two toned jumpsuit

Do you wish to give the impression that you have made a lot of effort even when you are wearing minimalist clothing? After all, a basic look is not everyone’s cup of tea!

Well, the good news is that you can be minimalistic and still look just as put together as fast fashion makes you look. And a great way to do so is by investing in two-tone jumpsuits.

Jumpsuits have the potential to reduce your wardrobe size by half since one article of clothing here is enough for a complete look. And if chosen correctly, opting for a two-tone jumpsuit gives the impression from afar that you are wearing wide-legged pants and a tucked-in shirt.

When choosing jumpsuits, we would suggest that you choose the tones carefully to ensure the usage of the outfit across seasons and occasions.

4- Grey-white suit

Grey white suit

For individuals looking for the ultimate power suit to wear on formal occasions, minimalist lifestyle clothing will have your back in this regard as well.

Rather than purchasing different outfits for night and day events, what if you could wear one to both? You can, if you invest smartly.

Grey and white is a combination that looks great in both daylights as well as nighttime. Similarly, while in fall and winter, it goes along with the subdued trend, in summer, lighter colors tend to feel easier on the eye. Hence, this combination is quite a win-win.

So, get yourself a well-fitted grey and white suit similar to the one mentioned above. To elevate the look, style it with pencil heels. You can choose a bright color for your heels to balance the overall simple look with a vibrant pop of color.

5- Longline blazer of complementary color

Black leather blazer

The best thing about outerwear is that you don’t have to buy a lot of them (unless you like hoarding jackets, unique to every other outfit). Hence, they are quite minimalistic by default!

There are different types of outerwear that you would benefit from having in your wardrobe. This includes leather coats, leather jackets, and the ever-popular – longline blazers!

Longline blazers have the power to make any outfit stand out. Whether you are wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans or a fancy dress, wear a blazer on top, and voila, you will be ready for a formal evening!

However, one thing you should ensure when selecting a blazer is its color. Opt for darker hues of brown or black like the Renee PU blazer by Alamode to ensure maximum usability. Eccentric shades like purple and yellow might limit the type of clothes you could wear the blazer on.

6- Mid-length denim hoodie

Doesn’t denim seem invincible? Just when you think the trend is dying, it comes back with full force! Who would have thought we would see the denim on denim trend again, but here we are in 2021, where denim seems to be all the rage.

So, we would never want you to miss out on the trend just because you wish to be minimalistic. The best way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is to get yourself a mid-length denim hoodie.

This is because such apparel is quite versatile. Not sure where to find one? Get the Pilcro Denim Kimono Jacket by Alamode now.

You can wear it over a dress. You can layer it as a shirt and wear it with pants or skirts. In short, there is no look that you can’t pull off with an oversized denim hoodie.

Ending Remarks

You might have noticed that the common trend in all the clothing styles we mentioned is that each of them is very versatile. To make the most of a capsule wardrobe, you need to strategically choose outfits that you can mix and match with one another.

Try to get each of the six mentioned minimalistic styles in your wardrobe. This way, you will be able to save a lot of money! Also, be thorough with your window shopping adventure. Try to get the best price possible by comparing prices and selecting the best deal.

Yes, a minimalistic lifestyle is hard to adopt, especially if you are deep into fast fashion. But, don’t give up! The environment is rooting for you.

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