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Top 10 Out of the Ordinary Colors for Monochrome Outfits to Try on

“Life is short. Make every outfit count.”

You must have heard people around you complaining about how they have nothing to wear and would like to update their closet as soon as possible. Are you in the mood of trying out something new for 2022 and think monochrome outfits might look good?

One of the hottest trends right now, monochrome outfits are an amazing yet powerful style statement for both men and women both. When you wear a monochromatic outfit, you will not only appear taller and slimmer but will also be able to create a decent and elegant look.

As the fashion world these days is all about coming up with new styles and trends, you styling a monochrome outfit wouldn’t be something out of the ordinary. Ever since 2021, monochrome has been reinstated as a high fashion as it allows people to pull together a simple and easy-going look within no time.

Do you need some ideas to get started with your monochrome outfits? Would you like to take the bold step forward so you can try some aesthetic colors this season? If you agree, let’s get started without the slightest delay!

Styling Monochrome Outfits This Season

Are you new to monochrome outfits and unsure what to begin with or what color would be a good idea? We have brought you X extraordinary colors, which are a must-try.

1- White

White hooded leather jacket

Want to go monochromatic but can’t find a color that suits your current mood? Do you think black monochrome outfits are too mainstream, so you would like to choose the opposite color? How about you give a white-on-white outfit a go?

While white might be considered as an absence of color, trust us when we say that this color will look absolutely striking in the spring and summertime. Well, how about a simple white floral dress that flows down to your knees? To complete the white aesthetic, you can pair the dress with some white heels and, of course, a matching white clutch. Wait! Before you head out, don’t forget to style the white hooded leather jacket, as it will protect you from the cold, windy weather.

2- Denim Blue

Blue zipper leather jacket

Aesthetic monochrome outfits are a dream for everyone these days, ever since monochrome has become a part of the fashion world. Do you, as a female, feel that you won’t be able to style the blue denim as it is considered a men’s color?

Do you want to become the queen of denim blue monochrome outfits? Well, it is quite easy to rock the blue denim look if you follow a few tips and ideas. If you want to style this color for the breezy winter weather, some blue denim jacket with a matching crop top will just look great.

Furthermore, you can also accessorize the outfit with a denim blue hat or, even better, some laced sneakers. Once the look has been put together, don’t forget to zip up the Felicity Smoak Blue Leather Zipper Jacket.

3- Sky Blue

Sky blue leather jacket

Piecing together an outfit that is of the same color has always been a timeless move, no matter what the occasion is. If you’re in the mood for some light colors for a daytime event, then sky blue should be on the top of your list. Other than being a decent and elegant color, sky blue will brighten up your mood and bring out the finest details in your attire.

Did you know that sky blue is popular as millennial pink these days? If you style a sky blue jumpsuit with a cinched waist, then you will definitely make a few heads turn. Even if you are wearing a full-sleeved jumpsuit, then draping a sky-blue leather jacket will look just stunning and elevate your look even further.

4- Grey

Grey leather jacket

Do you hate dressing up all the time and prefer styling casuals as they are easy to carry? Many of us might think of grey as a dull or boring color but when you style a monochrome outfit it will help you stand out like no other person. Along with being the perfect neutral, grey is a calm and passionate color that can lead to a soft and moody feel.

If you have a grey tee at home, then pair them with your favorite grey skinny jeans. After that, pull on this beautiful women’s grey leather jacket so you can spice up your look. Also, if you have grey-colored boots, then don’t forget to dig them out from your closet when you style this color.

5- Maroon

Maroon leather jacket

Are you on the lookout for stylish monochrome outfits, men, as you wouldn’t mind styling a bold color on a day out with friends?

How about going all monochrome with a maroon leather jacket these winters? As a versatile color, maroon is a popular shade in all kinds of clothing, whether worn by men or women. It adds warmth to your personality and is a classy and vibrant color that is hard to resist. It increases passion confidence and helps boost your energy. So, if you are feeling low or not your best, then you know what color you should wear.

If you want to change the fashion game for men, then don’t hesitate to go all maroon. Pick a stylish maroon button-down shirt, pair it with straight maroon pants for a formal look, and as an outerwear, opt for this stylish maroon leather jacket.

6- Red

Red leather jacket

Did you know that red never goes out of fashion? Red is one of the most popular colors when it comes to monochrome outfits. As red is the color of passion, activity, love, and joy, many people enjoy wearing it. Red not only highlights you in front of a crowd, but it makes you feel alive and energetic.

Many men might hesitate to wear the color red as they feel that others will laugh at them. Different male celebrities, including Nick Jonas and Robert Pattison, have worn red on multiple occasions, and let us tell you that they completely rocked their look.

Moreover, if you want to wear a red monochrome to a party, then head out and get some casual red pants and a shirt. Pair black shoes with the outfit, and then wear this Ionic Red Leather Biker Jacket for a stunning style statement.

7- Purple

Purple leather jacket

Are you interested in the most fashionable jackets for 2022 and want to look smart and no less than a fashion diva? There might be multiple colors available for monochrome outfits, but the choice of color depends on your taste and requirement is.

If you want a sleek and street-worthy style, then consider styling a purple monochrome outfit. Did you know that these people invest in their own fashion style, so what stops you from coming up with something new and interesting?

If you have a long and flowy purple dress hanging in your closet, then it is time to bring a new addition to it. Yes, we are talking about adding a purple leather jacket to it. If you are a fan of studded jackets then, this purple studded leather jacket will be the perfect way to enhance your look and style statement.

8- Pink

Pink leather jacket

Let’s come to think of it, which girl doesn’t like the color PINK? We are certain that no one can reject the baby pink color, especially if you are a girl. If you want to go overboard with your look and want to celebrate an event with your girls, don’t hesitate as there is no need for second thoughts.

Opt for a baby pink pleated skirt, a fitted baby pink turtle neck, and some pink heels. If you don’t like heels or aren’t comfortable walking in them, then you can replace them with pink sneakers without a thought.

Don’t forget to add in some funky pink-colored sunglasses, as they are a must-have for daytime hangouts. Also, leave your Bully Biker Jacket unzipped if you feel that it isn’t too cold.

9- Green

Green leather jacket

Summers are all about trying out bold colors because the sun is too bright for wearing dull colors. If you like to plan ahead for the upcoming season, we must say you should try a bold shade of green.

Associated with nature, the green color represents a fresh start, encourages peacefulness, and increases sincerity and thoughtfulness. Style green-colored denim shorts with a plain green inner along with the Harper Green Leather Jacket.

Pull your hair into a bun or a high ponytail if you have long hair. If comfort is your top priority, then get some white sneakers with this outfit. Green might be a dark color for some people but remember that you will have to step outside your comfort zone to become the fashion icon you want to be.

10- Olive

Olive green leather jacket

Want to stay warm but are bored of pinks and purples? Olive is a great neutral color to wear if you’re going to keep warm during the cold winter months.

Olive might not be a popular color or choice for monochrome outfits. However, it can be a perfect color that can light up your look. As a beautiful color, Olive symbolizes peace, harmony, and sophistication. As a color of nature, it lights up your surroundings like no other color.

When you invest in this Olive Soft Faux Leather Blazer and a pair of matching leather pants, you will look no less than a fashionista. Also, tie back your hair in a bun and put on some gold heels and golden hoop earrings.

Parting Note

Monochrome outfits might be an old fashion style, they have recently made a comeback stronger than ever. As monochrome outfits were amazingly styled by Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, they are considered as the biggest inspiration for these kinds of outfits. So, if you are looking for some monochrome outfits, we hope you like and follow the suggestions that we have provided above.

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