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Winter Fashion Guide – 6 Classy Jackets and Coats To Add To Your Wardrobe

Can you feel the cool breeze? It is now time to bid farewell to your summer wardrobe and embrace winter fashion!

Even if you are not ready to wear multiple layers just yet, it is definitely time to begin sporting classy coats and jackets. After all, this is the best choice of clothing for winter.

Whether it be a camel coat or a classic leather jacket, you can style these jackets with different looks just by changing your innerwear every day.

While you may grimace at the idea of spending too much money on jackets, the good thing about this outerwear is that if you pick the right ones, a relatively small collection will be enough to build your fall as well as winter wardrobe!

Here are some of the winter fashion jackets and coats you should include in your winter looks this year.

1- Trench Coat

Trench Coat

One coat that goes with all winter fashion outfits is a trench coat. Every woman you know opts to have this essential item in their closet. While trench coats were initially designed to act as a raincoat for army personnel, they have then transformed into classic feminine wear.

Style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss have been seen wearing and pulling off trench coats as part of their winter fashion wardrobe.

Apart from the chic look, trench coats are weather-proof and hence comfortable outerwear during the winters. Since they are lightweight, they are ideal when the weather is transitioning to or from winter.

Wear it with a dress, casual jeans, or a skirt and observe how every outfit looks good with it. This is the type of versatility you need from all jackets!

2- Leather Jacket

Black Leather jacket

If there is one thing both men’s and women’s winter fashion trends have in common, it is leather jackets. They are quite a staple in the fashion world if you think about it! Look at how many trends have come and gone, and leather jackets are still here!

These jackets are considered the ultimate accessory for all occasions, whether formal outings or casual hangouts. This is because a leather jacket has the power of turning a basic and simple dress into an edgy (or classy) outfit.

For example, combine a black jacket with a plain white t-shirt and denim, and you are ready for a picnic! Pair it with a sophisticated silk solid blouse and a pencil skirt, and voila, you are ready for a party.

Additionally, there are a lot of styles and varieties to choose from within the world of leather jackets. This includes racer, biker, aviator, field, and a variety of bomber jackets, to name a few.

3- Wrap and Belted Coats

Brown Belted coat

What if you could enjoy the comfort of a dressing gown even when out on the streets? If this type of winter fashion appeals to you, then you might want to consider getting your hands on at least one wrap and belted coat!

As the name suggests, this coat style features an extra material at the front of the outwear that allows the closure to overlap the fabric, providing additional warmth for winter days.

Apart from the wrapped design, such coats also include a thick belt made from the same fabric (like that in a dressing gown), tied at the waist. This ensures the coat’s good fitting, allowing you to look feminine and classy while literally wearing an iteration of a dressing gown!

This style of coat looks best on chilly winter days; you can also opt for heels with this outfit to create an impactful look.

4- Denim Jackets

Denim jacket

Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, and Gigi Hadid. What does each of these celebrities have in common? Each of them, at some point in their lives, have rocked denim jackets!

This doesn’t mean that denim jackets are solely a high-end accessory. Instead, just like leather jackets, denim jackets are also a staple in the fashion world and popular winter fashion for women.

What makes denim jackets so popular? Well, they are very warm and comfortable and therefore are ideal for harsh weather. Moreover, they are quite low-maintenance and are likely to stay in your wardrobe for years without experiencing wear and tear.

Additionally, there is no type of attire you can’t wear a denim jacket over. This includes gowns, dresses, and jeans. There are various styles of denim to choose from, ranging from a basic simple jacket to a bedazzled sparking coat.

As a pro-tip, don’t let society fool you into thinking that blue is the only choice you have for denim jackets. You can pick whatever color you feel will be most stylish for you.

5- Pea Coat

Pea coat

For some reason, when you think of classy winter wear, seldom does a pea coat make it to the top list. It is quite a shame since the outerwear not only keeps you warm and cozy in the winter, but also look fashionable for both men and women.

Here are some of the styles you can select from:

  • Classic pea coat: This is a double-breasted and cropped cut featuring a slight flair at the hips. Its large colors keep cold wind at bay, while its snug-fitting gives you enough room to be cozy.
  • Bridge coat: This pea coat was originally designed for the officers stationed on a ship’s bridge. These coats are considerably longer and can be viewed as an overcoat.
  • Single-breasted pea coat: For those of you looking for a more casual look, opt for a single-breasted pea coat that just has a single row of buttons without any overlapping flaps.

To make the perfect outfit, you might want to style a pea coat with a contrasting sweater and some basic pants.

6- Cocoon Coat

You might have noticed that most of the coats and jackets on this list are classics. This is because such outerwear has continued to be the foremost choice of most individuals.

However, one new style that has managed to make space for itself – a cocoon coat!

This is the type of coat that will provide you with the attention you deserve. With dropped shoulders and a ballooned waist, this coat is ideal for a fun day out.

There are various trendy looks that you can pull off. You can opt for a grey or beige knit sweater with a light gray or cream cocoon coat for starters. Pair them with cropped jeans or ripped jeans. To complete the look, wear leather ankle boots. You will surely look cozy yet stylish with this simple attire!

Ending Remarks

Your choice of outerwear is the most crucial when deciding your winter look. After all, the inner layers are seldom properly visible, especially during the colder days! This doesn’t mean that you cannot satisfy your love for fashion, though.

Include one of each of the six styles of classy jackets and coats in your wardrobe, and you will be set for the entire winter season (and maybe winter seasons for years to come).
Assemble the perfect look and welcome the new season!

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