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7 Christmas Outfits to Try On this Holiday Season

It’s the festive time of the year again! In other words, it is time to anticipate the arrival of the Christmas tree, holiday ads, and the task of choosing the perfect Christmas outfits. With a few weeks to spare, now is the perfect time to begin planning your holiday outfit.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning on keeping the holiday casual with a small intimate gathering with your loved ones or are gearing up to attend different extravagant Christmas bashes; you need the right Christmas party outfits for them all.

Even though most people have the colors narrowed down to red, burgundy, and emerald green, choosing the best outfits is still a challenge. Don’t worry! We have your back. Here are some of the outfit ideas you can get inspiration from.

1- The Cozy Look

Cozy Christmas Outfits

As the never-ending saga of COVID-19 continues (we have lost count of how far ahead we have reached in the world of Greek alphabets), the chances are that you might want to spend this holiday in your home.

However, this does not mean that you cannot plan cute Christmas outfits for the occasion. Instead, being at home will allow you to keep it cozy while keeping it festive at the same time. How so?

Simple! All you need is a red thermal t-shirt (with a wreath or Santa on it if you are a funky soul), red and white plaid pants, and some warm green socks.

In other words, you will be turning into a Christmas present on the eve of the holiday.

You probably can’t get cozier than this.

2- Keeping it casual

Men's aviator black jacket

Does the party invitation mention that the dress code is casual? Well, that means that the sky is your limit! Casual Christmas outfit ideas are as versatile as your fashion preferences. Here, you can be yourself.

Now, this can range from being dorky and wearing a Christmas wrapped sweater like Ryan Reynolds or keeping it cool with ripped jeans and cropped loose tops and men’s aviator black shearling jacket. It all comes down to expressing your individuality.

To keep it comfortable, we suggest you pair your desired comfy outfit with flats. This way, you would be ready to hit the streets to see all the neighboring Christmas decorations without getting sore feet!

3- The Lunch Attire

Burgundy Long leather trench coat for women

Holidays can be challenging, especially for fashion enthusiasts. After all, you need to think of different looks for all the day’s activities, whether it be Christmas Eve, morning, lunch, or a party! The good news is that you can easily mix and match different clothing items to create perfect Christmas outfits for women!

The key to the perfect lunch look is to not look overdressed when it comes to the perfect lunch look. You need to save the bling and glitter for the party.

Here, the perfect look is a smart casual attire that makes you look perfect.

In other words, leave your ripped jeans at home and replace them with either pencil skirts or culottes. Complement the look with a pair of red heels and simple accessories.

Our favorite pick is a layered gold necklace on a turtleneck shirt and matching culottes. To weather the winter, make sure to sport outerwear too. These days, Burgundy Long Leather Trench Coat with Waist Band is the go-to outerwear. Not only do they go well with a variety of outfits, but they will surely keep you warm during your day out.

4- Embrace the wools

It is quite common for people to shy away from Christmas outfit ideas that include seasonal cardigans. You might think to yourself, “hasn’t this been done already, ever since we were children?”

While it is true that cardigans and knitwear are something that all of us were forced to wear on Christmas as kids, once you grow up, you realize that the spirit of Christmas is surely in these seasonable comfort wear.

After all, on what other days can you get away with wearing a festive woolen sweater? If you wish to tone it down a bit, you can always pair it up with simple jeans or flared trousers. But, do keep the spirit alive! So, embrace the look and make it your own.

5- Green up

Women's black leather blazer

Do you despise the conventional Christmas outfits featuring red and gold? You are certainly not alone! Though the festivity lasts only so long, it is true that for December, we are bombarded with vibrant colors, left, right and center.

For those of you who wish to look “Christmas-y” without the red and gold, the one color that looks classy and festive at the same time is emerald green.

While any shade of green will suffice, emerald green leather jacket specifically looks great in winters, whether for a day event or a night ball.

You can choose to wear a solid emerald green suit, a maxi dress, or even a blazer and you will look dressed for the holidays.

We would suggest that you opt for the former in case of a lunch date and the latter for a formal evening. When you add this with stilettos and a slick hair-do, everyone would know that you mean business (and fun!).

6- The minimalistic outfit

Don’t wish to put on a vibrant show for the holidays? You can keep it somber via a minimalistic outfit. After all, Christmas isn’t just about things signifying red and gold! Instead, there is one thing that is synonymous with December – snow.

So, if you choose to go all-white for the holidays, you will still be paying homage to the festive season. We would advise you to dial back the time, all the way to the 70s. Opt for corduroy pants, white turtleneck shirts, and fluffy beanies. Add a pop of color by adding brown leather jackets and brown boots into the mix.

For those of you who wish to invest sustainably and embrace a minimalistic lifestyle, you will easily find such an outfit made from recycled cotton.

7- Christmas-themed outfits

After a year of strict lockdown, many are waiting to let loose this Christmas! If the pandemic allows for it, the chances are that you will be invited to at least a few festive-themed events. And for such parties, simple cocktail dresses may make you look like the odd one out.

You don’t necessarily have to convert it into a Christmas tree to go along with the theme. Instead, all you need to do is add a little holiday twist to your semi-formal attire. Think tartan, Christmas-themed earrings, and other embellishments.

If you truly wish to embrace the dress code, opt for a suit made of Christmas-themed prints. No, we don’t mean ones with reindeers or baubles. A simple checkered suit with the classic Christmas colors would do.

Ending Remarks

You are more than ready to welcome the festive day with these seven outfit ideas. Starting from Christmas Eve all the way to the evening party, we have got you covered. If you have any outfit ideas worth adding to the list, comment below.

And now that you can stop fretting over your holiday looks, it is time to look beyond your wardrobe. Good luck and Merry Christmas (in advance)! We are sure there are various other preparations you need to make for the holiday.

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